Google Panda 4.2 Is Here; Slowly Rolling Out After Waiting Almost 10 Months

Google tells Search Engine Land that it pushed out a  Google Panda  refresh this weekend. Many of you may not have noticed because this rollout is happening incredibly slowly. In fact, Google says the update can take months to fully roll out. That means that although the Panda algorithm is still site-wide, some of your Web pages might not see a change immediately. The last time we had an official Panda refresh was almost 10 months ago:  Panda 4.1 happened on September 25, 2014. That was the 28th update, but I would coin this the 29th or 30th update, since we saw small fluctuations in  October 2014 . As far as I know, very few webmasters noticed a Google update this weekend. That is how it should be, since this Panda refresh is rolling out very slowly. Google said this affected about 2%–3% of English language queries. New Chance For Some, New Penalty For Others The rollout means anyone who was penalized by Panda in the last update has a chance to emerge if they made the ri

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